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Margaret Littman

Writer. Editor. Reporter. Paddler.

For more than 20 years I've written & edited about startup businesses, finance, Chicago, Nashville, the Natchez Trace, travel, food, dogs, the great outdoors & the music industry.

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How Ranch Living Inspires Miranda Lambert - Country on Yahoo Music

How Ranch Living Inspires Miranda Lambert - Co...

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Jake Owen Has Not Lost His Beach Roots

As you’d expect from a guy whose biggest hit is called “Beachin’” and also sings about “Endless Summer” and being “Barefoot,” Jake Owen loves the sand between his toes.

How Ranch Living Inspires Miranda Lambert

Jason Merritt/Getty Images for dcp by Margaret Littman One-half of what is arguably the most powerful couple in country music is all about that ranch. When you are the mega-power couple that Miranda Lambert and hubby Blake Shelton are, you need some time away from the madding crowds, be they...