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Margaret Littman

Writer. Editor. Reporter. Paddler.

For more than 20 years I've written & edited about startup businesses, finance, Chicago, Nashville, the Natchez Trace, travel, food, dogs, the great outdoors & the music industry.

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Marriott Traveler

Marriott Traveler: How to Bonnaroo Like a Boss

Don’t Want to Play in the Mud? Here’s How to Bonnaroo Like a Boss

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Field Guide: Memphis - Nashville Lifestyles

The Bluff City has its year-‘round charms (except, perhaps, the peak of summer heat and humidity). But May is a particularly compelling time to visit, when the Memphis in May International Festival offers live music and barbecue championships all month long. This year, the lure west is even stronger, thanks to the recent opening of Elvis Presley’s Memphis, a $45 million expansion of the Graceland site that has added 40 acres and lots of entertainment options to the King’s complex.

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alive: Social Justice Crusader Proves That Love Heals

Today, Thistle Farms is not just a natural bath products company, and it’s far from a quilting bee; plus, Becca Stevens has far more experience under her belt than just taking baths. Thistle Farms is an international nonprofit social justice powerhouse, helping women who have endured hardships like prostitution, sex trafficking, abuse and addiction.

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Exploring the Natchez Trace - Nashville Lifestyles

The scenic Natchez Trace is right in your backyard—
and there’s no time like the present to explore the past.

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Social Media Can Help 'Treps Find Funding

Entrepreneurs Are Turning Facebook and LinkedIn Fee...

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Nashville Lifestyles

Nashville Lifestyles Magazine

Gertrude Crumpton does her homework in the car after that she can get to work at the business where she is CEO.

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The Telegraph

SoBro Guest House Hotel Review, Nashville, United States | Travel

This modern and minimalist boutique hotel in downtown Nashville is ideal for exploring America's country music capital. The 24 large, self-catering suites offer a comfortable retreat, complete with distinctive Music City touches such as a colourful working record players and albums.

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Big Al's Big Personality

I first went to Big Al's Deli and Catering on the unorthodox suggestion of another chef in town.

Nashville Influencers: Ben and Max Goldberg

Brothers and Nashville natives Ben and Max Goldberg are owners of Strategic Hospitality. In just nine years, they’ve become the go-to team for all things eclectic foodie. From the exclusive, innovative Catbird Seat to the $6 pitcher-slinging Paradise Park, their restaurants reflect the weird and wonderful gamut of food in Nashville.

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Won Funding? Why You Should Wait to Celebrate.

An all-too-common story: Why a startup should never, ever, ever announce a deal before the check clears.

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Stumped? Ways 3 Companies Boost Creativity

Keeping teams thinking creatively is no easy task. To keep employees from getting stuck in a rut, these businesses took out-of-the-box approaches to challenge staff to think in new ways. Learn their strategies -- and soak in their lessons learned.

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HOME: Cook Out

Create an outdoor backyard kitchen that’s inviting, functional and fun.

Nashville Lifestyles

Nashville's Growing Comedy Scene - Nashville Lifestyles

Nashville has morphed from songwriting town to all-inclusive creative hub—and a robust comedy scene is part of that.

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Nashville Lifestyles

Open Door Policy

Nashville's dearth of hotel rooms is a work in progress.

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Weirdest Places to Sleep

A comfy bed beside a sturdy nightstand with a reliable lamp and decent blackout shades form the basics of a decent bedroom or hotel room. But what about when you want to shake up your shuteye?

Here are eight ideas for offbeat places to rest your head: