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Margaret Littman

Writer. Editor. Reporter. Paddler.

For more than 20 years I've written & edited about startup businesses, finance, Chicago, Nashville, travel, food, dogs, the great outdoors & the music industry.

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Won Funding? Why You Should Wait to Celebrate.

Won Funding? Why You Should Wait to Celebrate.

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Big Al's Big Personality

I first went to Big Al's Deli and Catering on the unorthodox suggestion of another chef in town.

Nashville Influencers: Ben and Max Goldberg

Brothers and Nashville natives Ben and Max Goldberg are owners of Strategic Hospitality. In just nine years, they’ve become the go-to team for all things eclectic foodie. From the exclusive, innovative Catbird Seat to the $6 pitcher-slinging Paradise Park, their restaurants reflect the weird and wonderful gamut of food in Nashville.

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Stumped? Ways 3 Companies Boost Creativity

Keeping teams thinking creatively is no easy task. To keep employees from getting stuck in a rut, these businesses took out-of-the-box approaches to challenge staff to think in new ways. Learn their strategies -- and soak in their lessons learned.

Nashville Lifestyles

Nashville's Growing Comedy Scene - Nashville Lifestyles

Nashville has morphed from songwriting town to all-inclusive creative hub—and a robust comedy scene is part of that.

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HOME: Cook Out

Create an outdoor backyard kitchen that’s inviting, functional and fun.

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Weirdest Places to Sleep

A comfy bed beside a sturdy nightstand with a reliable lamp and decent blackout shades form the basics of a decent bedroom or hotel room. But what about when you want to shake up your shuteye?

Here are eight ideas for offbeat places to rest your head:

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Nashville Lifestyles

Open Door Policy

Nashville's dearth of hotel rooms is a work in progress.

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Entrepreneur: Electra Eggleston

How one woman sourced inspiration for her high-end textile business from her own father's art.

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Nashville Lifestyles

Nashville Moment: Beth Chase

When Beth Chase started c3/consulting in 2005, she thought she would have “a little five-person firm.” That quickly turned into a Berry Hill–based business that currently employs 125 people and consults for Fortune 1000 firms across the globe. And with that growth, Chase has become one of the city's leading entrepreneurial thinkers.

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A Class Action Asks: 'What Is a Craft Beer?'

A class action asks: 'What is a craft beer?'

8 Surefire Places to Taste Nashville’s Hot Chicken | Hotel Indigo

8 Surefire Places to Taste Nashville’s Hot Chicken...

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How Ag-Tech Ripened Into a Growing Market

How Ag-Tech Ripened Into a Growing Market

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Brad Paisley's Music City

The country crooner offers his favorite spots to take friends and family for an ideal 24 hours spent among Nashville's melodious streets.

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How Sriracha Got So Hot

How Sriracha Got So Hot