Margaret Littman

Margaret Littman

Writer. Editor. Reporter. Paddler.

For more than 20 years I've written & edited about startup businesses, finance, Chicago, Nashville, the Natchez Trace, travel, food, dogs, the great outdoors & the music industry.

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Nashville Scene

Nashville's deli options are few — so show East Nashville's Tower ...

Nashville's deli options are few — so show East Nas...

Nashville Scene

Deli Man (With Dinner) Comes to the Gordon Jewish Community Center Saturday | Bites | Nashville Scene

Deli Man (With Dinner) Comes to the Gordon Jewish C...

Nashville Scene

Purveyors of street eats greet the heat of a sweet meet at Nashville's ...

Purveyors of street eats greet the heat of a sweet ...

Nashville Scene

The local food movement got embroiled in a food fight right before ...

Allegations of price fixing. Of mislabeled products.

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Nashville Scene

Holla for Challah With Sweets Melissa | Bites

For the Jewish holiday of Purim (taking place this weekend), bakers painstakingly make hamentashen, triangular filled cookies that resemble the three-cornered hat that Haman, the villain in the Purim story, wore. Each cookie is hand-filled and hand-shaped.

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Nashville Scene

Jake's Bakes Opens Nighttime Hot Cookie Delivery Business | Bites

Delivered right to your door. Hot.

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Nashville Scene

Blue Moon Rises Again on the Cumberland | Bites

When I’m not at my laptop writing, or not at a restaurant eating, I’m on the water paddling. (Seriously.

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Nashville Scene

Dine Out Monday Night at Germantown Café to Benefit the Jay Luther Scholarship Fund

It's hard to believe that it has been eight months since the shocking accidental death of Jay Luther of Germantown...

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Nashville Scene

First Bite: Blue Moon Waterfront Grille

What the world must look like to John ConleeAfter several ownership changes, the great May Day flood, periods of very...

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Nashville Scene

Five Fierce Chef Competitors Set to Battle at Iron Fork in April

Nashvillians who love to watch the high drama of talented chefs locked in heated culinary battle — or just enjoy...

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Nashville Scene

Nashville Scene

Nashville Scene...

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Nashville Scene

The Great West Nashville Farmers Market Schism | Bites

This week's issue of the Scene has a fascinating piece by Margaret Littman with some backstory on the dispute that led to two separate (and some would say competing) farmers markets on the west side: Sean Siple's West Nashville Farmers Market and the new West End Farmers Market, started by the folks at Delvin Farms. The split is the stuff of huge gossip and speculation in town, and in addition to talking to both sides — Siple and Delvin Farms' owner Hank Delvin Jr. — Littman consulted other voices in the local sustainable food movement, including Megan Morton, executive director of Community Food Advocates, an organization working toward a sustainable food system; and Andrea Cloninger Wilson, a professor of sustainable food systems at Lipscomb University.

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Nashville Scene

Haus of Yarn launches its mobile shop to serve area knitters

If you're a knitter in a suburb or small town in Middle Tennessee, or even a Nashville neighborhood, the recent recession likely hit you hard......

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Nashville Scene

Mitchell Deli Has New Digs, But the Same Vibe

@mitchelldeliSome of us don’t like change. Once we have a favorite sandwich spot, we don’t want anything to upset the special balance of neighborhood hangout/turkey......

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Nashville Scene

Jay's Chicago: Windy City Tastes Comes South

Photo courtesy of Jay's ChicagoJay’s Chicago at the Hip Donelson Community Farmers MarketI moved from Chicago to Nashville six years ago and almost never look......