Margaret Littman

Margaret Littman

Writer. Editor. Reporter. Paddler.

For more than 20 years I've written & edited about startup businesses, finance, Chicago, Nashville, the Natchez Trace, travel, food, dogs, the great outdoors & the music industry.

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20160829220007 waiting game article

Won Funding? Why You Should Wait to Celebrate.

An all-too-common story: Why a startup should never, ever, ever announce a deal before the check clears.

Open uri20161120 25086 1uyk86h article

3 Creative Business Ideas That Were Before Their Time

Some visionary ideas came before the world was ready for them....

Open uri20161120 25086 ucr0eu article

This Company Rents Out High-End Trailers For Camping and Corporate Events

A fleet of Airstreams packs a multifaceted business plan....

Open uri20161120 25086 n9ucv3 article

18 Easy Ways to Say 'Thanks'

In an ideal world, your staff should feel appreciated 365 days a year. In the real world, gratitude sometimes gets forgotten. Here are 18 suggestions for remedying that....

Open uri20161120 25086 18gt83u article

3 Team-Building Activities That Can Build Trust

When trust is on the line, these adventures can help strengthen your team in new ways....

Open uri20161120 25086 1w8o4hd article

What – or Who – is Driving Hotel Updates?

Hotels are rethinking front desks and guestrooms. While they're driven by millennials, many of these changes have been long in coming....

Open uri20161120 25086 mvpa3s article

A College 'Trep's Plans for 2014

Entrepreneur caught up with College Entrepreneur of 2012 Bryan Silverman and talked about the upcoming year and his plans after graduation....